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Chris Waters

Chris Waters-My days are generally spent answering emails and typing, but I love getting to see all the cool things my students do. And once in a while I get in the lab and do an experiment myself!


Brian Hsueh

Brian Hsueh-Brian is a PhD graduate student in the lab who has two main projects. First, he studies how cyclic di-nucleotides regulate pathogenesis in the plant pathogen Erwinia amylovora with the laboratory of George Sundin. Brian has also discovered that the bacterial pathogen Vibrio cholerae encodes a new class of cytidine deaminase enzymes that are widely conserved, negatively regulated by a sRNA, and protect bacteria from phage infection by corrupting intracellular nucleotide concentrations.


Kelsey Quinn

Kelsey Quinn-Kelsey is a PhD graduate student in the lab who is seeking to understand how the V. cholerae transcription factor, TfoY, regulates the transition between a dense and dispersive motility.

Alex Wessel-Alex is a PhD graduate student who has broad research interests, ranging from understanding the genetic pathways by which cyclic di-GMP regulates phenotypes in V. cholerae to using cyclic di-nucleotides to manipulate immune activation.

Kaylee Wilburn

Kaylee Wilburn-Kaylee is a PhD graduate student who is our resident phage expert. She wants to understand how phage defense pathways in V. cholerae impact its environmental persistence and evolution.

Soo Yoon

Soo Yoon-Soo is a DO/PhD graduate student in the lab. Soo's projects revolve around identifying novel cyclic di-nucleotide signaling circuits in bacteria. He uses a combination of biochemistry, genetics, and mass spectrometry to identify new signals, their effectors, and study proteins that modulate their activity.

Drew Beckman

Drew Beckman-Drew is an undergraduate student in the lab who is developing systems level approaches to better understand phage infection of V. cholerae. 

Brennan Grimes

Brennan Grimes-Brennan is an undergraduate student in the lab studying how different environmental inputs impact V. cholerae motility.


Jacob Hieber

Jacob Hieber-Jacob is an undergraduate in the lab. He has identified a new transcription factor that controls expression of the Type III Secretion System in Erwinia amylovora in response to cyclic di-GMP.





Lab Alumni

Natasha Vukov-2010

Karthik Sambanthamoorthy-2011

Will Soto-2016


Adam Edmunds, M.S.-2011

Disha Srivastava, Ph.D.-2014

Ben Koestler, Ph.D.-2014

John Shook, M.S.-2016

Eric Bruger, Ph.D.-2016

Ben Pursley, Ph.D.-2016

Rudy Sloup, Ph.D.-2016

Michael Maiden, DO/Ph.D.-2018

Meng-lun Hsieh, DO/Ph.D.-2018

Nico Fernandez, Ph.D.-2019

Amber Bedore- M.S.-2019

Geoff Severin-Ph.D.-2020


David Szandzik-2009

Carolyn Chan-2011

Megan Hull-2011

Kuenyoun Jang-2011

Jon Massie-2012

Amanda Ngouajio-2012

Lauren Priniski-2012

Ashley Konal-2012

Alani Adkins-2012

Jessica Hunter-2013

Evan Reynolds-2013

Sarah Smaga-2013

Josh Smith-2013

Mark Johnson-2013

Melanie Callaghan-2013

Prateek Garg-2013

Rachel Rudlaff-2014

Zamone Sawyer-2014

Kevin Baker-2015

Markus Sievertsen-2015

Katherine Magoulick-2015

Morgan Miller-2016

Jake Gibson-2017

Cassie Larivee-2017

Jenny Nyberg-2017

Ben Franco-2017

Macy Pell-2017

Charnay Gloss-2018

Chris Rhoades-2018

Hannah Smith-2018

Mitch Zachos-2018

Connor Riegal-2018

Emily Segneri-2018

Nils Benning-2019

Joe Williams-2010

Alyssa Corpus-2020

Kyle McCoy-2020

Megan Seyerle-2020


Maurice Wilkins-2013

Gucci Fan-2015

Neehal Tumma-2019


Ann-Katrin Kieninger, Germany-2015

Lara Behrman, Germany-2017

Sebastian Myllek, Germany-2017

Nik Kiel, Germany-2019

Marius Karbach, Germany-2020