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Very proud to have 7 presenters at the MSU UURAF undergraduate science conference including from top left clockwise: Nils Benning, Megan Seyerle, Alyssa Corpus, Joe Williams, Kyle McCoy, Jacob Hieber, and Nik Kiel!

MSU UURAF Undergraduate Science Conference

The lab led the department in organizing and running the "Microbe Magic" display at the MSU Science Festival. It was thrilling to see so many inspired young people.

Microbe Magic, MSU Science Festival

Geoff Severin wins the Outstanding Graduate Student Award for the MSU Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department!

Geoff Severin, Outstanding Graduate Award

Amber Bedore graduates with her Masters degree. Congrats Amber!!

Amber Bedore - Masters Recipient

Geoff, Nico, Brian, and Chris all went to Windriver in Estes Park, CO. All three students gave talks, and we all climbed a mountain together (the picture on top of the mountain is one of my all-time favorites).

Geoff, Nico, Brian & Chris all went to Windriver in Estes Park, CO

Nico Fernandez graduates with his PhD! Congrats Nico, and on to a postdoc with Lyle Simmons at the University of Michigan.

Nico Fernandez, PhD

Ben and Disha revisit the lab, now with families in tow.

Ben & Disha Revisit the Lab


2019 Holiday Party! This would be the last get together before the pandemic :(

2019 Holiday Party