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Both undergrads and grads racked up the department awards in 2018. Well done all!

2018 MMG Awards Reception

Chris, Geoff, and Meng attended a conference on second messenger signaling in Berlin Germany. We had a great time, and Geoff won the best poster award!

Chris, Geoff & Meng Attended a Conference in Berlin Germany

Meng and Michael completed the PhD components of their DO/PhD degrees. Both are amazing grad students and will be awesome physician scientists. Chris was lucky to co-mentor Meng with Debbie Hinton from the NIH, who is THE master of studying mechanisms of transcription.

Meng & Michael Completed the PhD components of their DO/PhD Degrees

Providing an opportunity for undergraduates to get research experience is a core mission of the Waters lab. In 2018, we had a great group of undergrads that presented their research at the UURAF MSU Undergrad Conference!

2018 UURAF MSU Undergrad Conference

This year for the canoe trip, we switched from the Muskegon to the closer Grand River. It is a beautiful stretch of river, perfect for fun, water wars, and a cookout after the trip.

Waters Lab Canoe Trip

As Chris' kids get older, so do the basement toys! The 2018 Holiday Party now features ping-pong and pool along with all the other awesome things.

2018 Holiday Party