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Lab Bowling!!

2012 Lab Bowling


The Midwest Microbial Pathogenesis Conference is always one of our favorite meetings. In 2012, this meeting took place in Milwaukee, WI. Highlights included the Brewers mascots at the opening evening, Disha trying her first cheeto, and lunch at a Tapas restaurant (oh yeah, and science).

2012 Midwest Microbial Pathogenesis Conference


Scientific outreach is a central theme in the Waters laboratory. In 2012, we had many outreach activities including Chris visiting an elementary school, elementary science nights, and a local AP Biology class visiting the lab.

2012 Outreach Activities

After much debate in the lab, the Waters Lab Spice Challenge was conceived. The challenge-who can eat the most of the highest spice level wings at B-Dubs. Ben Pursley took it with 13 to win the coveted Senor Picante trophy.

Waters Lab Spice Challenge