WiPS Schedule - Fall 2018

Work in Progress Seminars (WiPS) for Fall 2018

All WiPS seminars are at 12:00 P.M., MONDAY, 1425 Biomedical Physical Sciences, unless noted otherwise. Seminar Coordinator: Donna Koslowsky

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Lab Title Faculty Evaluator
September 3 Labor Day
September 10 Brian Zhou Kaminski The Role of Lymphocyte Specific Tyrosine Kinase (LCK) in Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AHR)-mediated Impairment of Immunoglobulin Secretion by Human Primary B Cells Manning
  Jackson Sorensen Shade Genome reduction and gene enrichment in the soils above the Centralia, PA cole fire Abramovitch
September 17 Jennifer Kirk Kashefi/Walker Novel Sedimentary Microorganisms in the Water-Filled Tree Hole Conrad
  Ahrom Kim Yu Elucidating AID-mediated deamination during Class Switch Recombination Pyeon
September 24

Joo-Young Lee (Postdoc)

Reguera Identification of a dynamic middle ear microbiome in healthy adult individuals Dufour &
October 1 Sue Umthong Cheng Identifying the underlying mechanism of Marek's disease vaccine synergy Hammer
  Laura Kirby Koslowsky gRNA Population Genetics Reflect Quasispecies Structure Bachmann
October 8 Brian Nohomovich Manning The virome and human health Vieille
  Doug Wilkinson Garavito The DBI protein; a cytosolic inhibitor of TSPO Conrad
October 15 John Guittar (Postdoc) Shade   Garrity & Mansfield
October 22 Lavida Brooks Mias Analysis of Age-Dependent Gene Expression Martinez-Gomez
  John Chodkowski Shade Ecological consequences of exometabolites for microbial interactions Schutte
October 29 Megan Shiroda Manning Alternative therapies to reduce GBS incidence C. Arvidson
  Kyle Card Lenski The role of historical contingency on the evolution of tetracycline resistance in an experimental population of E. coli Olive
November 5 Nicolas Fernandez Waters The role of cylcic di-GMP in mitigating environmental stress in Vibrio cholerae Kroos
  Nkrumah Grant Lenski Allometric scaling relationship between cell size and fitness in a long term evolution experiment with E. coli: correlation or spandrel? Hammer
November 12 Nejc Stopnisek (Postdoc) Shade Describing and understanding the plant microbiota Marsh & Koslowsky
November 19 Taylor Dunivin Shade A meta-analysis of microbial arsenic resistance genes across soils Schrenk
  Y Ha My Hoang Kroos Mechanisms of Myxococcus xanthus response to nutrients and C-signal during starvation-induced multicellular development Walker
November 26 John Lee Dufour Control of phenotypic switching by c-di-GMP in Vibrio cholerae Kroos
  Jon Keven Walker Plasticity of host selection, non-random human feeding and spatial heterogeneity of exposure to malaria vectors in Papua New Guinea Abramovitch
December 3 Paula Roszczenko-Jasinska (Postdoc) Martinez-Gomez Insight into Lanthanide transport by methylotrophs Shade & Hausinger