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Esselman, Walter Esselman, Walter

Senior Associate Dean for Research
College of Human Medicine

A210 Fee Hall
 (517) 432-4789

Evans, Sarah Evans, Sarah

Microbial Communities and Climate Change
KBS Academic Building
 (269) 671-2340

Fata-Hartley, Cori Fata-Hartley, Cori

Academic Student Affairs Assistant Dean
College of Natural Science

4180 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5356

Fiebig, Aretha Fiebig, Aretha

Research Associate Professor
5173 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5352

Hammer, Neal Hammer, Neal

Bacterial Physiology, Metabolism & Antibiotic Resistance
5163 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 Phone: (517) 884-5347
Hammer Lab

Hardy, Jonathan Hardy, Jonathan

Non-Invasive Imaging of Bacterial Infection
3313 Bio Engineering Facility
 Phone: (517) 884-6971

Hausinger, Robert P. Hausinger, Robert P.

University Distinguished Professor
Microbial Physiology

6193 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5404

Heath-Heckman, Elizabeth Heath-Heckman, Elizabeth

Plant Microbiomes
203 Natural Science Bldg.

Hoag, Kathleen Hoag, Kathleen

322 N Kedzie Hall
 Phone: (517) 353-3276

Hong, Bong (Bill) Jin Hong, Bong (Bill) Jin

O'Halloran Lab
3101 Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Building
 (917) 900-2008