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Abramovitch, Robert B. Abramovitch, Robert B.

Tuberculosis Pathogenesis & Drug Discovery
5179 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5416
Abramovitch Lab

Adami, Christoph C. Adami, Christoph C.

Evolutionary Theory, Computational Evolution, Systems Biology, Game Theory, Collective Behavior, Intelligence
2228E Biomedical and Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5068
Adami Lab

Amalfitano, Andrea Amalfitano, Andrea

Dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Endowed Professor of Pediatrics

Gene Therapy, Immunology, Vaccine, Virology
965 Fee Road, Room A308
 (517) 355-9616

Arvidson, Cindy Arvidson, Cindy

5192 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5364

Arvidson, Dennis Arvidson, Dennis

5192 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5364

Bachmann, Michael Bachmann, Michael

1318 Bio Engineering Facility
 Phone: (517) 884-7467

Bardill, J. Patrick Bardill, J. Patrick

4181 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5058

Bonito, Gregory Bonito, Gregory

Fungal systematics; truffle biology; plant-fungal-bacterial interactions
3270 Molecular Plant Science Building
  (517) 884-6958

Contag, Christopher Contag, Christopher

Hannah Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering and
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Director, Institute for Quantitative Health Science & Engineering

4040 Bio Engineering Facility
 Phone: (517) 884-6933

Crosson, Sean Crosson, Sean

Rudolph Hugh Endowed Professor
Bacterial Genetics & Physiology, Microbial Pathogenesis, Cell Signaling, Structural Biology

5161 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5345
Crosson Lab

Delekta, Phillip Delekta, Phillip

MMG 301 Course Director
4181 Biomedical Physical Sciences
(517) 884-5058 

DiRita, Victor DiRita, Victor

Rudolph Hugh Endowed Professor & Chair
Microbial Pathogenesis, Drug Discovery

2215C/5112A Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5292 
DiRita Lab

Downes, Frances Pouch Downes, Frances Pouch

N306 North Kedzie
  (517) 884-4366

Dufour, Yann Dufour, Yann

Bacterial Signaling and Collective Behavior
6180 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5400
Dufour Lab