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Abramovitch, Robert B. Abramovitch, Robert B.

Tuberculosis Pathogenesis & Drug Discovery
5179 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5416
Abramovitch Lab

Adami, Christoph C. Adami, Christoph C.

Evolutionary Theory, Computational Evolution, Systems Biology, Game Theory, Collective Behavior, Intelligence
2228E Biomedical and Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5068
Adami Lab

Aldhamen, Yasser Aldhamen, Yasser

Gene Therapy, Immune Therapy for Cancer and Infectious Diseases, Innate Immunity, Innate Regulation of Adaptive Immunity
4108 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5305

Amalfitano, Andrea Amalfitano, Andrea

Dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Endowed Professor of Pediatrics

Gene Therapy, Immunology, Vaccine, Virology
965 Fee Road, Room A308
 (517) 355-9616

Arvidson, Cindy Arvidson, Cindy

5192 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5364

Arvidson, Dennis Arvidson, Dennis

5192 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5364

Bachmann, Michael Bachmann, Michael

1318 Bio Engineering Facility
 Phone: (517) 884-7467

Blount, Zachary Blount, Zachary

Lenski Lab
6130/40 Biomedical Physical Sciences
(517) 884-5377 or (517) 884-5378

Bonito, Gregory Bonito, Gregory

Fungal systematics; truffle biology; plant-fungal-bacterial interactions
3270 Molecular Plant Science Building
  (517) 884-6958

Contag, Christopher Contag, Christopher

Hannah Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering and
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Director, Institute for Quantitative Health Science & Engineering

4040 Bio Engineering Facility
 Phone: (517) 884-6933

Crosson, Sean Crosson, Sean

Rudolph Hugh Endowed Professor
Bacterial Genetics & Physiology, Microbial Pathogenesis, Cell Signaling, Structural Biology

5161 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5345
Crosson Lab

Delekta, Phillip Delekta, Phillip

MMG 301 Course Director
4181 Biomedical Physical Sciences
(517) 884-5058

DiRita, Victor DiRita, Victor

Rudolph Hugh Endowed Professor & Chair
Microbial Pathogenesis, Drug Discovery

2215C/5112A Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5292
DiRita Lab

Dufour, Yann Dufour, Yann

Bacterial Signaling and Collective Behavior
6180 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5400
Dufour Lab