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Miller, Heather Miller, Heather

2225 Biomedical and Physical Science
 (517) 884-5298

Montgomery, Beronda Montgomery, Beronda

MSU Foundation Professor
MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory
322 Plant Biology Lab
 (517) 353-7802

Mulks, Martha Mulks, Martha

Bacterial Pathogenesis, Respiratory Microbiome
5193 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5365

Mulrooney, Scott Mulrooney, Scott

Microbial Enzymology
2215E Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5293

Neal, Jessica

4179 Biomedical Physical Sciences
(517) 884-5366

O'Halloran, Thomas O'Halloran, Thomas

Regulatory Biology & Chemistry of Metal Receptors Involved in Homeostasis, Oxidative Stress & Developmental Pathways
3007 Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Building
  (517) 353-4090

Olive, Andrew Olive, Andrew

Chronic pathogens, Inflammation, Host-response to infection, Global genetic approaches
5198 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5367

Parkin, Kirstin Parkin, Kirstin

Teaching, Reproductive Immunology
4192 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5322

Pestka, James J. Pestka, James J.

Robert & Carol Deibel Family Endowed Professor
University Distinguished Professor
Food Safety, Mechanisms of Pathogenesis, Immunology, Autoimmunity, Nutrition

234A Food Science
 (517) 355-1709

Petroff, Margaret Petroff, Margaret

Reproductive Immunology, Maternal-Fetal Immune Tolerance, Autoimmune Disease
F130 Veterinary Medical Center
 (517) 432-1385

Pyeon, Dohun Pyeon, Dohun

Tumor Virology, Cancer Immunology, Cancer Genomics
4197 Biomedical Physical Sciences
  (517) 884-5077

Reguera, Gemma Reguera, Gemma

Environmental Microbiology, Biogeochemistry, Electromicrobiology
6190 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5401

Rose, Joan B. Rose, Joan B.

Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research
Water Microbiology, Water Quality, & Public Health Safety

15 Natural Resources
 (517) 432-4412

Schrenk, Matthew Schrenk, Matthew

Microbial Ecology, Subsurface MIcrobiology
144 Natural Science
 (517) 884-7966
Schrenk Lab

Schutte, Brian Schutte, Brian

Mammalian Genetics, Development, Birth Defects
5162 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5346

Schwartz, Richard Schwartz, Richard

Breast Cancer, Immunology, Gene Regulation
4177 Biomedical Physial Sciences
 (517) 884-5317

Shade, Ashley Shade, Ashley

Microbial Ecology and Evolution
6179 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5399
Shade Lab

Vieille, Claire Vieille, Claire

6172 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5392

Viswanathan, Poorna Viswanathan, Poorna

2167 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5283

Wale, Nina Wale, Nina

6178 Biomedical Physical Sciences
 (517) 884-5398