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Recent Updates to MMG & MSU Travel 

  • The Colleges of Natural Science, Veterinary Medicine, Human Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine are now live in the Concur Travel Management System. Those appointed under these colleges will now use the new travel system to submit travel requests and expense reimbursements. 
  • The Concur Travel Management System:
    • One tool for booking travel and submitting expense reports
    • Travel receipts can be added to expense reports just by taking a picture
    • Travel can be booked through Concur mobile app
    • Electronic approvals and signatures 
    • Guide for Concur Set-Up

    Know Before You Go: MMG & MSU Travel Policies & Procedures

    For questions regarding the use of the new Concur Travel Management System, please see the new MSU Travel website, or contact MMG.Travel@campusad.msu.edu.


    • Completion or submission of a Pre-Trip Authorization form is required for all MSU business travel. ALL travel requests must be initiated and fully approved prior to the start date of travel. Please submit your Pre-Trip Authorization through the new Concur system.
    • ALL travel expense reports must be submitted within 90 days after returning from travel. 
    • Effective June 2019: MSU faculty and staff are prohibited from sharing hotel rooms with students or subordinate employees. Budgetary considerations do not take precedence over this policy.
    • Effective July 2019: Several travel policies have changed. Please see the new Section 70 of the MSU Manual of Business Procedures for more information.


    MMG Travel Checklist/Worksheet

    MMG Travel FAQ

    MMG Travel Tips for Reimbursement

    Create or Import an Itinerary for Per Diem & Lodging Allowances

    Additional Travel Sources

    MSU Travel Website

    MSU Global Travel Registry

    Travel Regulations from MSU Manual of Business Procedures