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Reporting Suspected Criminal Activity and Misconduct

Michigan State University (MSU) is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for students, employees, and visitors. We encourage, and in some instances require, employees to report incidents of known or suspected criminal activity and misconduct. Please review the following information regarding reporting options and the University’s prohibition on retaliation.


Crime or Emergency:

  • Emergencies: Call 911
  • Non-emergencies, crimes, or suspicious activity: Call MSU Police and Public Safety at (517) 355-2221
  • MSU Police and Public Safety anonymous texting: Text the word MSUPD along with a tip to CRIMES (274637)
  • MSU Police and Public Safety toll-free tip line: Call 844-99-MSUPD (844-99-67873) 

Relationship Violence, Stalking, and Sexual Assault:

Responsible Employees are required to promptly report relationship violence, stalking, and sexual assault that they observe or learn about and that involves a member of the University community (employee or student) or which occurred at a University-sponsored event or on University property. For more information, please visit the University Reporting Protocol at https://civilrights.msu.edu/_assets/documents/Reporting%20Protocols.pdf.

To report relationship violence, stalking, and sexual assault:


  • Contact MSU Police and Public Safety
    • Emergencies: Call 911
    • Non-emergencies: Call MSU Police and Public Safety at (517) 355-2221
    • MSU Police and Public Safety Anonymous texting: Text the word MSUPD along with a tip to CRIMES (274637)
    • MSU Police and Public Safety toll-free tip line: Call 844-99-MSUPD (844-99-67873)

Harassment or Discrimination:

Child Abuse (Including Child Sexual Abuse, Child Sexually Abusive Material, and Child Pornography):

  • Emergencies: Call 911
  • Mandated Reporters under Michigan Law: Employees or volunteers who are defined as mandated reporters and who suspect child abuse or neglect must report to the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (“MDHHS”), Child Protective Services (“CPS”) immediately by:
    • Calling 855-444-3911 with a verbal report and then filing a written report with MDHHS/CPS within 72 hours; or
    • Reporting online through the Michigan Online Reporting System.
    • Information about reporting abuse and neglect can be found under the Abuse & Neglect section of the MDHHS website at www.michigan.gov/mdhhs.
    • After contacting CPS, notify MSU Police and Public Safety of the report.
  • All other employees: Contact MSU Police and Public Safety immediately at (517) 355-2221
    • MSU Police and Public Safety will file a report with MDHHS/CPS.
  • Allegations of sexual assault, including child sexual assault, related to a member of the university community (employees or student) must also be reported to OIE.
  • For more information, or to determine if you are a mandated reporter under Michigan law, please review: https://hr.msu.edu/policies-procedures/university-wide/reporting_protocols.html

Behavioral Threat:

To report students, employees, or other individuals on campus who have engaged in behavior indicating a possible threat of harm to self or other members of the campus community:

  • Emergencies: Call 911
  • Non-emergencies: Submit a report to MSU’s Behavioral Threat Assessment Team via an online referral form, available at: http://btat.msu.edu/referral-form/ 

Ethical, Policy, Compliance Violations or Other Misconduct:

Including but not limited to athletics misconduct, conflicts of interest, discrimination and harassment, employment misconduct, fiscal misconduct, hazing, medical and HIPAA violations, privacy violations, research misconduct, retaliation, safety, or other area of concern not specifically listed.

Student Misconduct:

Any member of the MSU community (employees and students) may file a formal complaint concerning the conduct of students whose behavior reportedly violated University policy:

  • Submit a report online to the Office of Student Support & Accountability (formerly the Dean of Students Office) at https://ossa.msu.edu/student-conduct-0.
  • For a time-sensitive consultation, contact the Office of Student Support & Accountability at (517) 884-0789


Office of the University Ombudsperson

Whether one is a student or employee, the Office of the University Ombudsperson, offers a confidential place to discuss academic concerns, administrative issues, workplace issues, or any concern that may relate to MSU students. It also interprets and explains university policies and procedures. Here, one can speak freely because the Office of the University Ombudsperson offers an environment where one can talk with a confidential, independent, impartial, and informal resource about a complaint, conflict, or concern. Members of the MSU community may contact the University Ombudsperson by e-mail (ombud@msu.edu), by phone (517-353-8830), or via the Problem/Concern Form found here: https://ombud.msu.edu/schedule-appointment-contact/problem-concern-form. Please visit: https://ombud.msu.edu/ for more information.


The University prohibits retaliation (including retaliatory harassment) against individuals who report or make good faith complaints of relationship violence, stalking, sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, and other forms of misconduct (as specifically governed by individual University policies), or who participate in the University’s investigation and handling of such reports, even if the University finds that no violation of Policy occurred. In addition, the laws that prohibit discrimination and harassment contain anti-retaliation provisions (e.g., Title VII, Title IX and ELCRA). Specifically, Title IX prohibits retaliation against reporters of sex discrimination, including reports of sex discrimination against administrators and other employees. MSU will independently investigate alleged retaliation for participation in the Title IX process.

MSU also independently investigates allegations of other prohibited retaliation and will take strong responsive actions if retaliation occurs. MSU may implement interim protective measures during a retaliation investigation. Those found responsible for retaliation are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination for employees and dismissal for students.

For more information, please review the following policies and resources: