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WiPS Schedule - Spring 2023

Work in Progress Seminars (WiPS) for Spring 2023

All WiPS seminars are at 12:00 P.M., MONDAY, in BPS Room 1425 and on Zoom, unless noted otherwise.
Seminar Coordinator: Rob Abramovitch

Zoom link: https://msu.zoom.us/j/92348524666
Please note:  The password will be emailed separately prior to the seminars

WiPS Evaluation Form

Spring 2023

Date Speaker Lab Title Faculty Evaluators
January 9 Postdoc      
  Rochelle Ratnayake Parent    
January 16 Martin Luther King Day, WiPS Cancelled
January 23 Kaylee Wilburn Waters    
  Troy Burtchett Hammer    
January 30 Kati Ford TerAvest    
February 6 Alex Wessel Waters    
  Rose Kithan Sundin    
February 13 Manos Kokarakis Ducat    
  Charles Whitehead-Tillery Mansfield    
February 20 Kevin Santiago-Morales Lebeis    
  Veronica Albrecht Abramovitch    
February 27 Joel Marty Kaminski    
  Omid Madadgar Tewari-Singh    
March 6 Spring Break
March 13 Megan Korne Bonito    
  Han Wen Xi    
March 20 Claudia Sepulveda Manning    
  Heather Murdoch Abramovitch    
March 27 Postdoc      
  Imani Pascoe Bonito/Lebeis    
April 3 Bassel Abdalla Abramovitch    
  Haleigh Gilliland Olive    
April 10 Beth Ottosen DiRita    
  Jasper Gomez Waters    
April 17 Morgan Collins Petroff    
  Joelis Lama-Diaz Hammer