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WiPS Schedule - Spring 2021

Work in Progress Seminars (WiPS) for Spring 2021

All WiPS seminars are at 12:00 P.M., MONDAY, via Zoom, unless noted otherwise.
Seminar Coordinator: Rob Abramovitch

Zoom link:
Please note:  The password will be emailed separately prior to the seminars

WiPS Evaluation Form

Spring 2021

Date Speaker/Lab Title Faculty Evaluators

January 11

Soo Yoon
Waters Lab
Characterizing the function of cylic/oligonucleotide-based antiphage signaling system (CBASS) in Gram-negative bacteria N. Walker
  Alex Aaring
Dufour Lab
Modeling microbial migration in mud mazes with microfluidics S. Lebeis
January 18 Martin Luther King Day, WiPS Canceled
January 25 Kayla Conner
Hardy Lab
Biodiversity of the Listeria monocytogenes protein InlP, and implications for placental colonization G. Bonito
  Kristin Jacob
Reguera Lab
Characterization of Middle Ear Isolates Suggests Adaptive Advantage for Survival in Otic Microenvironment S. Crosson
February 1 Laurisa Ankley
Olive Lab
Defining the regulatory mechanisms of Med16 and GSK3b in IFNg-dependent MHCII expression K. Parkin
S. Manning
February 8 Hunter Dulay
Reguera/Kashefi Labs
Of Cobalt and Microbes: Mechanisms for Reduction R. Quinn
  Kati Ford
TerAvest Lab
Electrosynthesis in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 V. DiRita
February 15 Paige Kies
Hammer Lab
Mechanisms of inorganic sulfur acquisition and assimilation in Staphylococcus aureus C. Vieille
A. Fiebig
February 22 Karla Vasco
Zhang/Manning Lab
Impacts of prophylactic intramammary antibiotics in the bovine microbiome C. Waters
  Esther Chen
Crosson Lab
Systematic Comparison of Environmental Sensory System in B. abortus and B. ovis L. Zhang
March 1 Spring Break
March 8 Marcela Tabares Ruiz 
Reguera Lab
Ecology and physiology of nitrate ammonification by Geobacter D. Pyeon
  Sean Thomas
Olive Lab
Optimization of an ex vivo murine alveolar macrophage model N. Hammer
March 15 Beth Ottosen 
DiRita Lab
Pathogenic potential of carbapenem resistant Enterobacter clinical isolates C. Arvidson
  Jab Curtis 
Hammer Lab

Exogenous fatty acids inhibit proliferation of metabolically-restricted Staphylococcus aureus

K. Yu
March 22 Morgen Clark
Reguera Lab
Adaptive mechanisms for metal respiration and detoxification in Geobacter bacteria D. Koslowsky
C. Adami
March 29 Haleigh Gilliland
Olive Lab
Defining mechanisms of phagocytosis in macrophages during Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium abscessus infection V. Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan
  Doug Guzior
Quinn Lab
Novel modifications of host bile acids by members of the gut microbiota A. Shade
April 5 Sergio Hernandez-Ortiz
Crosson Lab
Cell Cycle and Motility in Caulobacter R. Hausinger
  Alicia Layer
Montgomery Lab
Investigating the role of the phycobilisome abundance regulator PsoR in Fremyella diplosiphon J. Fyfe
April 12 Joel Marty
Kaminski Lab
The Effects of THC and CBD on Interferon-gamma Induced Pro-inflammatory Response in Human Astrocytes R. Schwartz
C. Adami
April 19 Hunter North
Crosson Lab
Genetic Analysis of a Bacterial Cell Cycle B. Schutte
V. DiRita