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WiPS Schedule - Spring 2020

Work in Progress Seminars (WiPS) for Spring 2020

All WiPS seminars are at 12:00 P.M., MONDAY, 1425 Biomedical Physical Sciences, unless noted otherwise. Seminar Coordinator: Donna Koslowsky

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Title Faculty Evaluators

January 13

Kayla Conner
Hardy/Abramovitch Labs
Placental infection with Listeria monocytogenes increases production of prostaglandins that affect pregnancy outcome

N. Hammer
C. Martinez-Gomez

  Alicia Layer
Montgomery Lab
Characterizing the phycobilisome abundance regulator psoR in the cyanobacterium Fremyella diplosiphon N. Hammer
C. Martinez-Gomez
January 20 Martin Luther King Day, WiPS Canceled
January 27 Soo Hun Ahn (Postdoc)
Petroff Lab
Progesterone receptor expression and thymus involution in pregnancy L. Mansfield
K. Parkin
February 3 Russell Fling Zacharewski Lab 2,3,7,8-Tetrachloro-p-dioxin (TCDD) Elicited Dysregulation of Hepatic One Carbon Metabolism R. Schwartz
J. Hardy
  Lindsay Putnam
Schrenk Lab
Microbial Community Responses to Drilling Induced Perturbations in a Serpentinization-Influenced Aquifer R. Schwartz
J. Hardy
February 10 Matthew Swiatnicki
Andrechek Lab
Uncovering a Phosphatase Mutation in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer C. Waters
D. Pyeon
  Joshua Lensmire
Hammer Lab
Elucidating the mechanisms Staphylococcus aureus employs to acquire nutrient sulfur C. Waters
D. Pyeon
February 17 Cole McCutcheon
Manning/Petroff Labs
Characterizing macrophage responses to Group B Streptococcus membrane vesicles C. Vieille
J. Fyfe
  John Williams
Abramovitch Lab
A catalase null mutant identifies inhibitors that generate ROS in M. tuberculosis C. Vieille
J. Fyfe
February 24 Ritam Sinha (Postdoc)
DiRita Lab

G. Reguera
C. Adami

March 2 Spring Break
March 9

Alex Aaring
Dufour Lab

  K. Kashefi C. Arvidson
March 16 Reid Longley
Bonito Lab
The Microbiome of Bleached and Unbleached Fijian Coral R. Hausinger
S. Crosson
  Emily Greeson
Contag Lab
Prokaryote-Eukaryote Interaction Utilizing a Novel Tet-On System for Synthetic Endosymbiont Control R. Hausinger
S. Crosson
March 23 Zoe Hansen
Manning Lab
  R. Abramovitch
J. Tiedje

Brian Hsueh
Waters Lab

Uncovering novel function of Putative Cytidine Deaminase on Vibrio Seventh Pandemic Island R. Abramovitch
J. Tiedje
March 30 Nejc Stopnisek (Postdoc)
Shade Lab
  G. Bonito
J. Tiedje
April 6 Jonathan Kaletka
Hardy Lab
  B. Schutte
M. Bachmann
  Justin Lee
Hardy Lab
Listeria monocytogenes Infection During Pregnancy Alters Gene Expression in the Fetal Mouse brain

B. Schutte
M. Bachmann

April 13

Alshae Logan
Rose Lab

Legionella Occurrence in a Groundwater Reservoir, Taps and Cooling Towers in a Complex Water System

Y. Dufour
D. Koslowsky

  Osama Alian
Schrenk Lab
Sulfur and Microbial Activity at the Lost City Hydrothermal Vent System Y. Dufour
D. Koslowsky
April 20 Sreejata Bandopadhyay (Postdoc)
Shade Lab
  K. Yu
A. Olive