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MMG Seminars - Spring 2024

MMG Seminars will take place at 3:10 P.M. in BPS 1415, unless noted otherwise in the table below.  

All MMG Seminar questions should be directed to MMG.Seminars@campusad.msu.edu

Seminar Coordinators: Kefei Yu, Steph Shames & Elizabeth Heath-Heckman
Graduate Student Representatives: Hunter North & Esther Chen

MMG Seminar Date MMG Seminar Topic Seminar Speaker Host
January 9 No Seminar
January 16   Edward Walker, Michigan State University  
January 23   Eric Klein, Rutgers University-Camden MMG Graduate Students
January 30 Early Career Award Krista Cosert, Nautilus Biotechnology Reguera
February 6   Josh Woodward, University of Washington Waters
February 13 Day of Remembrance - NO CLASSES
February 20   Sarah Stanley, UC-Berkeley DiRita
February 27 SPRING BREAK - No Seminar
March 5   Nick Shikuma, San Diego State University Elizabeth Heath-Heckman
March 12   Arpita Bose, Washington University, St. Louis Reguera
March 19      
March 26      
April 2 Brubaker Lecture Kim Orth, UT Southwestern DiRita
April 9   Paul Ahlquist, HHMI
University of Wisconsin-Madison
April 16 MMG Awards Reception
April 23 Finals Week - No Seminar