MMG Seminars - Spring 2019

All MMG seminars are at 4:10 P.M., TUESDAY, 1415 Biomedical Physical Sciences, unless noted otherwise. Seminar Coordinators: Andrew Olive & Claire Vieille

MMG Seminars for Spring 2019
MMG Seminar Date MMG Seminar Topic Seminar Speaker Host

January 8

Vibrio cholerae's gut feelings Dr. Jun Zhu, University of Pennsylvania DiRita & MMG Graduate Students
January 15 The War Within: Host-Pathogen Interactions in the Cytosol Dr. JD Sauer, University of Wisconsin-Madison Hammer
January 22 ANME-1 switch rapidly between anaerobic methane oxidation and methanogenesis in coastal sediments Dr. Karen Lloyd, University of Tennessee MMG Graduate Students
January 29   Dr. Stephen Mondo, Joint Genomes Institute Bonito
February 5


Dr. David Aronoff, Vanderbilt University MMG Graduate Students, Dual MD/PhD & DO/PhD Programs
February 12


Dr. Bree Aldridge, Tufts University Abramovitch
February 19


Dr. Beth Moore, University of Michigan Meek
February 26   Dr. Kelly Rice, University of Florida Hammer
March 5   Dr. Katy Forest, University of Wisconsin-Madison Martinez-Gomez
March 12   Dr. Rita Tamayo, University of North Carolina Waters
March 19   Dr. Kevin Wood, University of Michigan Zhang
March 26   Dr. Marina Kalyuzhnaya, San Diego State University Martinez-Gomez
April 2 Disease through the lens of the microbiome Dr. Patrick Schloss, University of Michigan DiRita
April 9   Dr. Mary Firestone, University of California, Berkeley Shade
April 16 Early Career Award Lecture Dr. Benjamin Koestler, University of Texas at Austin Vieille & Olive
April 23 MMG Awards Reception
** Kellogg Center, 3:00pm **
Undergraduate & Graduate Students Koslowsky & Mulrooney