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MMG Seminars - Fall 2023

MMG Seminars will take place at 3:10 P.M. in BPS 1415, unless noted otherwise in the table below.  

All MMG Seminar questions should be directed to MMG.Seminars@campusad.msu.edu

Seminar Coordinators: Yu Zhang, Steph Shames & Elizabeth Heath-Heckman
Graduate Student Representatives: Hunter North & Esther Chen

Fall Semester Seminar Series Poster

Fall Semester Seminar Schedule 2023
Date Topic Speaker Host
Sept. 5 Affinity maturation of edited B cells for antibody development and vaccine research Michael Farzan,
Boston Children's Hospital & Harvard Medical School
Sept. 19 Dissecting the impact of malnutrition and dehydration on nosocomial infections Victor Torres,
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
MMG Graduate Students & Voices of Color
Sept. 26 MMG Promotion Seminar
The use of technology in teaching to foster student engagement, make myself accessible to students, and provide self-directed learning
Dennis Arvidson, Michigan State University DiRita
Oct. 3 Innate immune defense against intracellular bacterial pathogens Sunny Shin,
Univ. of Pennsylvania
Oct. 10 MMG Promotion Seminar
The Genetic Regulation of Macrophages in Lung Health and Disease
Andrew Olive,
Michigan State Univesity
N. Walker
Oct. 17 Virtual Only
Charges matter: The spore capacitor as an example. 
Gurol Suel,
UC San Diego
Oct. 24 MMG Promotion Seminar
Applying new insights into Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenesis to accelerate the development of innovative antibiotics. 
Robert Abramovitch, Michigan State University N. Walker
Oct. 31 Host vs Pathogen: discovering genetic interactions that underlie diverse tuberculosis outcomes Clare Smith,
Duke Medical School
Nov. 7 Fibrinolytic-deficiencies predispose hosts to septicemia from a catheter-associated UTI  Ana Flores-Mireles, University of Notre Dame MMG Postdocs
Nov. 14 The Molecular Arms Race Between Bacteria and Phages Mike Laub, MIT & HHMI  MMG Graduate Students
Nov. 21 Thanksgiving, no Seminar
Nov. 28 A combined microscopy and single-cell sequencing approach reveals the ecology, morphology, and phylogeny of uncultured lineages of zoosporic fungi. Tim James,
University of Michigan
Dec. 5 Polar growth in mycobacteria: poleaxing the elongasome model Cara Boutte,
Univ. of Texas at Arlington