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MMG Seminars - Fall 2023

MMG Seminars will take place at 3:10 P.M. in BPS 1415, unless noted otherwise in the table below.  

All MMG Seminar questions should be directed to MMG.Seminars@campusad.msu.edu

Seminar Coordinators: Aretha Fiebig, Kefei Yu & Elizabeth Heath-Heckman
Graduate Student Representatives: Hunter North & Esther Chen
Postdoc Representative: Aathmaja Anandhi Rangarajan

MMG Seminar Date MMG Seminar Topic Seminar Speaker Host

August 29

September 5   Michael Farzan, Scripps Research Florida Pyeon
September 12   Ana Flores-Mireles, University of Notre Dame MMG Postdocs
September 19  

Victor Torres, NYU

MMG Graduate Students
September 26      
October 3   Sunny Shin, University of Pennsylvania Shames
October 10 MMG Promotion Seminar Andrew Olive, Michigan State Univesity DiRita
October 17   Gurol Suel, UC San Diego Reguera
October 24 MMG Promotion Seminar Robert Abramovitch, Michigan State University DiRita
October 31   Claire Smith, Duke University Olive
November 7 Whittam Lecture    
November 14   Mike Laub, MIT & HHMI MMG Graduate Students
November 21 Thanksgiving
November 28   Tim James, University of Michigan Mendoza
December 5      
December 12