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MMG Seminars - Fall 2022

MMG Seminars will take place at 3:10 P.M. in BPS 1415, unless noted otherwise in the table below.  

All MMG Seminar questions should be directed to MMG.Seminars@campusad.msu.edu

Seminar Coordinators: Aretha Fiebig, Kefei Yu & Elizabeth Heath-Heckman
Graduate Student Representatives: Ifeanyichukwu Eke & Jasper Gomez
Postdoc Representative: Aathmaja Anandhi Rangarajan

MMG Seminar Date MMG Seminar Topic Seminar Speaker Host
September 13 BR-bodies Promote Bacterial mRNA Decay Across Diverse Bacteria   Dr. Jared Schrader, Wayne State University Fiebig
September 20 Life in Mucus: Colonization of the Female Reproductive Tract by Group B Streptococcus  Dr. Kelly Doran, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Manning
October 4 Fat vacuole, you make the Rickettsia world go round

Dr. Juan Martinez, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine

October 18 Promotion Seminar
Cancer Immune Evasion by Human Papillomavirus-induced MHC-I Downregulation
Dr. Dohun Pyeon, Michigan State University DiRita
October 25 Fall Break
November 1 Whittam Lecture
Urinary Tract Infection Epidemiology and Antibiotic Resistance
Dr. Betsy Foxman, University of Michigan Manning
November 8 The roles of the membrane-associated ubiquitin ligase MARCHF8 in human papillomavirus-driven cancers Dr. Mohamed Khalil Ibrahim, Michigan State University Manning
November 15 Virtual Seminar
Lessons from SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2
Dr. Hyeryun Choe, Scripps Biomedical  Research, University of Florida Pyeon
November 22 Promotion Seminar
** 1425 BPS **
Dr. Yasser Aldhamen, Michigan State University Manning
November 29 Virtual Seminar
Bacterial brains: How bacteria use electrochemical potentials to solve complex problems
Dr. Gurol Suel, UC San Diego Reguera
December 6 Tracking the flow of nutrients during viral infection Dr. Maureen Coleman, University of Chicago Fiebig
December 13 Finals Week