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WiPS Schedule - Fall 2018

Work in Progress Seminars (WiPS) for Fall 2018

All WiPS seminars are at 12:00 P.M., MONDAY, 1425 Biomedical Physical Sciences, unless noted otherwise. Seminar Coordinator: Donna Koslowsky

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Lab Title Faculty Evaluator
September 3 Labor Day
September 10 Brian Zhou Kaminski The Role of Lymphocyte Specific Tyrosine Kinase (LCK) in Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AHR)-mediated Impairment of Immunoglobulin Secretion by Human Primary B Cells Manning & Abramovitch
  Jackson Sorensen Shade Genome reduction and gene enrichment in the soils above the Centralia, PA coal fire Manning & Abramovitch
September 17 Jennifer Kirk Kashefi/Walker Novel Sedimentary Microorganisms in the Water-Filled Tree Hole Conrad & Pyeon
  Ahrom Kim Yu Elucidating AID-mediated deamination during Class Switch Recombination Conrad & Pyeon
September 24

Joo-Young Lee (Postdoc)

Reguera Identification of a dynamic middle ear microbiome in healthy adult individuals Dufour &
October 1 Sue Umthong Cheng Identifying the underlying mechanism of Marek's disease vaccine synergy Bachmann & Hammer
  Laura Kirby Koslowsky gRNA Population Genetics Reflect Quasispecies Structure Bachmann & Hammer
October 8 Brian Nohomovich Manning The virome and human health Conrad & Vieille
  Doug Wilkinson Garavito The DBI protein; a cytosolic inhibitor of TSPO Conrad & Vieille
October 15 John Guittar (Postdoc) Shade A pattern and a model: A community ecologist tries to understand variations in gut microbiome recovery after antibiotic disturbance Garrity & Hammer
October 22 Lavida Brooks Mias Analysis of Age-Dependent Gene Expression Martinez-Gomez & Schutte
  John Chodkowski Shade Ecological consequences of exometabolites for microbial interactions Martinez-Gomez & Schutte
October 29 Megan Shiroda Manning Alternative therapies to reduce GBS incidence C. Arvidson & Olive
  Kyle Card Lenski The role of historical contingency on the evolution of tetracycline resistance in an experimental population of E. coli C. Arvidson & Olive
November 5 Nicolas Fernandez Waters The role of cyclic di-GMP in mitigating environmental stress in Vibrio cholerae Hammer & Kroos
  Nkrumah Grant Lenski Allometric scaling relationship between cell size and fitness in a long term evolution experiment with E. coli: Correlation or spandrel? Hammer & Kroos
November 12 Nejc Stopnisek (Postdoc) Shade Describing and understanding the plant microbiota Marsh & Koslowsky
November 19 Taylor Dunivin Shade A meta-analysis of microbial arsenic resistance genes across soils Schrenk & Walker
  Y Ha My Hoang Kroos Mechanisms of Myxococcus xanthus response to nutrients and C-signal during starvation-induced multicellular development Schrenk & Walker
November 26 John Lee Dufour Control of phenotypic switching by c-di-GMP in Vibrio cholerae Abramovitch & Kroos
  Alshae Logan Montgomery Cyclic-di-Nucleotides have a central role in cyanobacterial responses to fluctuating environment Abramovitch & Kroos
December 3 Paula Roszczenko-Jasinska (Postdoc) Martinez-Gomez Insight into Lanthanide transport by methylotrophs Shade & Hausinger