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MMG Seminars - Spring 2020

All MMG seminars are at 4:10 P.M., TUESDAY, 1415 Biomedical Physical Sciences, unless noted otherwise.

Seminar Coordinators: Andrew Olive, Ashley Shade & Gemma Reguera

Graduate Student Representatives: Cole McCutcheon, Beth Ottosen & Ted Van Alst

Click here for a downloadable schedule of the Spring Seminar Series

MMG Seminars for Spring 2020

MMG Seminar Date MMG Seminar Topic Seminar Speaker Host

January 7

Protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Dr. JoAnne Flynn, University of Pittsburgh Olive
January 14 Molecular mechanisms at play in Vibrio cholerae’s environmental lifestyle Dr. Melanie Blokesch, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne MMG Graduate Students
January 21

Multi-omics of soil microbiomes

Dr. Janet Jansson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Shade
January 28 Virulence Dr. Arturo Casadevall, Johns Hopkins DO/PhD Students & MMG Grads
February 4

Quorum sensing gene regulation: HowVibrio harveyi turns on the light

Dr. Julia van Kessel, Indiana University Waters
February 11

Location, location, location: how papillomaviruses persist

Dr. Alison McBride, National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease Pyeon
February 18

How to study Fanconi anemia in the age of personalized medicine

Dr. Susanne Wells, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Pyeon
February 25 cGAS-like enzymes in immunity and host-microbe signaling Dr. Philip Kranzusch, Harvard Waters
MMG Seminars have been cancelled for the remainder of the semester