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MMG Seminars - Spring 2019

All MMG seminars are at 4:10 P.M., TUESDAY, 1415 Biomedical Physical Sciences, unless noted otherwise.

Seminar Coordinators: Andrew Olive & Claire Vieille

Graduate Student Representatives: Heather Blankenship & Ted Van Alst

Click here for a downloadable schedule of the Spring Seminar Series

MMG Seminars for Spring 2019
MMG Seminar Date MMG Seminar Topic Seminar Speaker Host

January 8

Vibrio cholerae's gut feelings Dr. Jun Zhu, University of Pennsylvania DiRita & MMG Graduate Students
January 15 The War Within: Host-Pathogen Interactions in the Cytosol Dr. JD Sauer, University of Wisconsin-Madison Hammer
January 22 ANME-1 switch rapidly between anaerobic methane oxidation and methanogenesis in coastal sediments Dr. Karen Lloyd, University of Tennessee MMG Graduate Students
January 29 Genomics, epigenomics and endosymbiosis: unique features separating early diverging fungi from Dikarya Dr. Stephen Mondo, Joint Genomes Institute Bonito
February 5

Leveraging New Models to Define the Pathogenesis of Bacterial Chorioamnionitis

Dr. David Aronoff, Vanderbilt University MMG Graduate Students, Dual MD/PhD & DO/PhD Programs
February 12

The Long and Short of It: Paths to Engineering TB Treatment

Dr. Bree Aldridge, Tufts University Abramovitch
February 19

lnnate and Adaptive Host Defense Post-Stem Cell Transplant

Dr. Beth Moore, University of Michigan Meek
February 26 Bacterial Nitric Oxide Synthase Effects on Staphylococcus aureus Metabolism and Stress Resistance Dr. Kelly Rice, University of Florida Hammer
March 5 Chemical Biology of a Novel Fresh Water Photoheterotrophy Dr. Katrina Forest, University of Wisconsin-Madison Martinez-Gomez
March 12 The intersection of phase variation and c-di-GMP signaling in Clostridium difficile Dr. Rita Tamayo, University of North Carolina Waters
March 19 Seminar Canceled
March 26 Coping with Gaia's Breath: Does Biology Matter? Dr. Marina Kalyuzhnaya, San Diego State University Martinez-Gomez
April 2 Disease through the lens of the microbiome Dr. Patrick Schloss, University of Michigan DiRita
April 9 A Web of Interactions Shape the Rhizosphere Microbiome  Dr. Mary Firestone, University of California, Berkeley Shade
April 16 Early Career Award Lecture
Formate: An intracellular signal that promotes Shigella pathogenesis
Dr. Benjamin Koestler, University of Texas at Austin Vieille & Olive
April 23 MMG Graduate Poster Session & MMG Awards Reception
** Lincoln Room, Kellogg Center, 3:00-6:00pm **
Undergraduate & Graduate Students Koslowsky & Mulrooney