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MMG Seminars for Fall 2016

All MMG seminars are at 4:10 P.M., TUESDAY, 1415 Biomedical Physical Sciences, unless noted otherwise. Seminar Coordinators: George Garrity and Chris Waters

MMG Seminars for Fall 2016
MMG Seminar Date MMG Seminar Topic Seminar Speaker Host

September 6

September 13 Tackling thermodynamics: coaxing bacteria to release energy-rich compounds Carrie Harwood, University of Washington Reguera
September 20 Step-Wise Malignant Transformation Of Human Skin Fibroblasts: Genomic And Metabolomic Analysis Anastasia Kariagina, Michigan State University Schwartz
September 27 CEM.NKR: A secret pathway towards broad inhibition of enveloped viruses Yonghui Zheng, Michigan State University DiRita
October 4

Future Leaders Series:
IL-1beta: An immune sentinel for destructive microbial proteolysis

Christopher LaRock, Emory University DiRita
October 11


October 18

New paradigms for Campylobacter jejuni survival in the gut

Christine Szymanski, University of Georgia DiRita
October 25 Whittam Lecture
Regulation of bacterial virulence: Can bacteria have mercy?
James Nataro, UVA Manning
November 1 Nef, SERINCs, and HIV infectivity Heinrich Gottlinger, University of Massachusetts Zheng
November 8      
November 15 Staphylococcus aureus: A complex developmental organism Ken Bayles, University of Nebraska Medical Center Hammer
November 22 Future Leaders Series: 
Genome-wide investigation of fitness defects caused by aneuploidy in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Stacie Dodgson, Broad Institute Dodgson
November 29 Future Leaders Series: 
Dissecting the contributions of host resistance and tolerance in the outcome Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
Andrew Olive, University of Massachusetts Medical School DiRita
December 6 Challenges in Teaching Medical Microbiology at Two Medical Schools at Four Locations in Michigan Cindy Arvidson, Michigan State University DiRita
December 13 Special Seminar:
Multi-component regulation of surface attachment and general stress response in diverse Alphaproteobacteria
Aretha Fiebig, University of Chicago DiRita