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MMG Seminars for Fall 2014

All MMG seminars are at 4:10 P.M., TUESDAY, 1415 Biomedical Physical Sciences, unless noted otherwise. Seminar Coordinators: Michele Fluck and Ashley Shade

MMG Seminars for Fall 2014
MMG Seminar Date MMG Seminar Topic Seminar Speaker Host
August 12 The importance of intestinal microbial communities and pathogen characteristics for the development of enteric infections Dr. Shannon Manning, MSU Hausinger
September 2      
September 9      
September 16 Kinetic and structural mechanisms of translesion DNA synthesis across oxidative DNA damage Dr. Linlin Zhao, Central Michigan University Hausinger
September 23 Challenges and rewards of data-intensive biology: Using sequencing to help understand non-model organisms Dr. C. Titus Brown, MSU Hausinger
September 30 Regulation of TCR Signal Strength by the Tec kinase ITK Dr. Leslie Berg, University of Massachusetts Conrad
October 7 Thomas S. Whittam Memorial Lecture
The Many Faces of Escherichia coli
Dr. James Kaper, University of Maryland Manning
October 14 Transcription Factor/Chromatin Dynamics - A New Paradigm Dr. Gordon Hager, NIH Fluck
October 21 Gene therapy for the nervous system - A means to identify the role of alpha-synuclein in neurodegenerative disease Dr. Fredric Manfredsson, MSU Conrad
October 28 Equine Herpesvirus-1: New ways to study an old problem? Dr. Gisela Hussey, MSU Hausinger
** Wednesday, November 5 The Role of Clostridium difficile Spores in Infection ** Special Location: 101 Biochemistry** Dr. Simon Cutting, Royal Holloway University of London Kroos
November 11 Distinct bacterial species and their evolution within complex natural microbial communities Dr. Kostas Konstantinidis, Georgia Tech Hausinger
November 18 Skeletal Patterning in Sea Urchin Embryos Dr. Cyndi Bradham, Boston University Brown
November 25      
December 2 From engineered environments, to the ocean, and back again: Thaumarchaeota, metabolism and global vitamin B12 production Dr. Josh Neufeld, University of Waterloo Shade
December 9 Developmental Responses to Feast and Famine in C. elegans Dr. Ryan Baugh, Duke University Brown