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Inclusion Statement

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The Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University values diversity in our faculty, staff and students. We will strive for a culture of equity and inclusion in our research, teaching, mentoring, outreach and other activities. To achieve our goals in research, training, education, and outreach, we need a diverse community to provide new perspectives and develop new approaches for generating and disseminating knowledge about the microbial world and the molecular genetic processes of all life on Earth. 

To promote these goals, we are committed to increasing the diversity of the department’s faculty, staff and students to better reflect the populations of our state and our nation. We are dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment where all can be nurtured for sharing ideas, growing skills and advancing knowledge. We will strive for an environment that is welcoming and equitable, one that fosters inclusion and facilitates the participation of all individuals who can help advance our department’s various missions.