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Class of 2020 Departmental Award Winners


Everett 'Tex' Beneke Fellowship Award

Awarded for the pursuit of a graduate degree
in a field related to mycology

Image of Natalie VandePolNatalie VandePol

The Ralph Evans Award

Awarded for graduate research toward understanding microbial evolution and its underlying ecological and genetic processes

Image of Kyle CardKyle Card 
Image of Nkrumah GrantNkrumah Grant

The Rudolph Hugh Scholarship Award

Awarded for graduate work in the area of molecular pathogenesis of bacteria or their systematics

Image of Alshae LoganAlshae Logan


MSU Board of Trustees Award

University award presented for having the highest scholastic average, a 4.0 GPA, at the close of the last semester prior to graduation at Michigan State University

Image of Alyssa CorpusAlyssa Corpus
Image of Hunter Jurcak HallHunter Jurcak Hall

Dietrich C. Bauer Scholarship Award

Selected on the basis of academic achievement and financial need

Image of Sean Thomas HyslopSean Thomas Hyslop
Image of Nurul Izzati Mohamedzamani  Nurul Izzati Mohamedzamani
Image of Nuriffa TainiachimNuriffa Tainiachim

Russell DuVall Endowed Scholarship Award

Selected on the basis of professional goals, research initiative, and financial need

Image of Aqilah OthmanNuur Aqilah Izzati Othman

Philipp and Vera Gerhardt Research Award

Selected on the basis of excellence in experimental microbiological research, creativity, independence, and initiative

Image of Mariam CharlesMariam Charles

The Sayer Award

Presented to a graduating senior in recognition of academic excellence and "outstanding work in microbiology"

Image of Don Nguyen 
Don Raphael Nguyen