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BS in Environmental Biology/Microbiology

The degree in Environmental Microbiology prepares students for work and study in the areas related to all aspects of the environment, especially relating to environmental protection and remediation. It is important to recognize that microbes are, as a group, by far the largest and the most versatile forms of life. Consequently, there is no life-supporting environmental niche in which microbes fail to flourish. Often, their activities play the critical role in shaping the environment on which other living things depend. Both biodegradation, the desirable, and biodeterioration, the undesirable, biological breakdown of materials in the environment are relevant. The program of study also prepares the student for advanced study in environmental science, microbiology or other biological sciences, as well as serving as the basis for some professional programs. Students study chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics and then proceed to the specific courses of the program, as given below. It is worth noting that one of the advantages of this program is an opportunity to participate in an on-going research project that contributes to the student’s graduation requirements.

Information about this or other MMG degree programs may be obtained from the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics by email (mmgugrad@msu.edu).

BS in Environmental Biology/Microbiology