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Jae'Lyn McClain

What led you to study genetics?
My passion for Microbiology first began my senior year in high school in my AP biology class, when we studied the organisms within a cell and the base pairs of DNA. The genetics and DNA section was my favorite, and I soon asked my teacher to help me find a major surrounding the topic, which leads to me MSU's MMG department, specifically in genetics and molecular genes.

If you conduct research, what is it about?
During my first three years as a GMG student, I have become a part of the lab within the epidemiology department focusing on early hearing testing to detect signs of autism not too long after birth. 

What do you appreciate most about MMG/MSU?
To research being a student in MMG, I have been able to join several clubs and manage to make many personal connections with not only my peers but MMG staff as well. Despite the vast expanse the MMG department has, the tight-knit community here has to be what I value most. Being that staff knows my face, they happy to provide with other resources, and I always know where to go to get any question answered. This has left me feeling truly prepared and ready for the next step in studies which for me, is a medical school with the full intent of becoming a trauma surgeon.