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Don Nguyen

Undergraduate Research:
     For the past three years, my research in Dr. Mendoza’s lab has focused on characterizing and understanding the biofilms that accumulate on laboratory safety eye-washers. We’ve successfully identified hundred of strains of different bacteria and fungi, and now our goal is to understand the genetic and structural components that make up these complexes. I am currently taking a graduate course on confocal microscopy to utilize this tool and analyze the biofilm at a more precise resolution. In addition to that, I will also be working on a separate project, visualizing the lifecycle of Pythium insidiosum, a pathogen that Dr. Mendoza has been studying for years. Research has been an integral part of my experience here at MSU, and I am forever grateful to Dr. Mendoza for providing me with that opportunity.

Nguyen URAAF

     I am currently the President of the MMG Club, an officially designated American Society for Microbiology student chapter. Our main goals are to participate in outreach at local elementary schools and bring microbiology-related speakers, educators, and opportunities to our members. In terms of my hobbies, I enjoy both videography and photography. I think pictures and videos have completely changed the way we as human beings interact, communicate, and remember. And, at the end of the day, I love to incorporate this passion into my life whenever I get the chance.

ASM volunteering

What I appreciate about MMG/MSU:
     In the last four years, I’ve made so many friends here (and dozens in MMG), and I know I will be sad when we go our separate ways. Still, I am appreciative of everything that MSU and the MMG Department have done for me. I came into MSU enrolled in a completely different major, but my interactions with the faculty, students, and curriculum convinced me that the Microbiology major was the right one for me. When I walk across the stage in a few months, I know I will certainly be proud to see that major on my diploma.