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Angelos Gogonis

What led you to study microbiology?
I have always had a steady interest in the sciences, but I did not expect to become so involved in microbiology. I was first exposed to microbiology in my freshman year at Michigan State after taking an ISB course. The course answered several questions about hot-topic issues in science and other questions about how life works. One of the driving forces that further led me to study microbiology is my family. I came to MSU as a first-generation college student, with none of my past family members reaching a higher level of education. I enjoy showing my family how important and intricate the invisible world is and what major effects that these small organisms have.


What research or extracurricular activities are you involved in at MSU?
Outside of my academics, I love trying new things and am involved in several activities and organizations. I enjoy creative outlets like ceramics and photography and also love working as a Michigan State University campus tour guide, interacting with prospective students and their families. In addition to these, I love staying active and was a member of the MSU Men’s Crew team racing against other collegiate athletes. One of my most recent creative ventures is the development of a student startup company creating educational video games about biological processes to help with the massive switch to online learning. This educational video game interest stemmed from my undergraduate research experience that I was a part of that studied the effects on learning of educational video games. 

What do you appreciate about MMG and MSU?
I appreciate that Michigan State (and MSU’s MMG Department) is a community that fosters collaboration and personal connection. It feels as though the MSU community, both faculty and students alike, genuinely enjoy connecting with one another. It feels like the Spartan community is one of the most accepting communities that I have been a part of.

What are your plans for the future?
While I am still investigating what direction I want to go, I know I want to receive additional education. Whether this education is in the medical field or solely research, I know I will keep striving for more answers to the big 'why' science questions that the world will continually face.