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Alyssa Corpus

Undergraduate Research:
     In the Waters lab, I study Vibrio cholerae, a bacterium that is responsible for millions of deaths. My main objective is investigating a set of genes that are believed to be involved in increased virulence within the pathogenic biotype. Two of these genes encode proteins that potentially provide population defense against bacteriophages, through a second-messenger signaling network that causes individual infected bacteria to kill themselves. Other genes that I have studied show close homology to ubiquitin systems, yet their function in cholera is relatively unknown. Overall, we seek to elucidate the mysterious mechanisms and functions that arise due to these genes, and how they make cholera deadly.

Corpus- research

     Outside of classes and research, my greatest passion is dance. I actually considered a career in dance before I discovered my love for science!  At MSU, I’ve served as captain of the MSU Elite Dance Team, participated in Dance Club, and I look forward to exploring more opportunities as well. There are few things in this world that explore both creativity and athleticism like dance does; it’s art and sport blended together. Dance has always been an integral part of my life, and without it, I wouldn’t have the work ethic and amazing friends that I do today.

Corpus- portrait

What I appreciate about MMG/MSU:
     I am extremely appreciative of the experiences that I’ve gained through the MMG Department here at MSU. I never expected to receive such amazing opportunities and strong support from a department at a large university, but the faculty I’ve encountered are truly exceptional. The thing I really love about Michigan State is that no matter where you go or what you decide do, there will always be a community of caring friends, coworkers, and staff waiting for you. Whether it’s in classes, research, dance, or any other activity- Michigan State provides their students with the resources to succeed and the right people to guide you along the way.