Year 2: Additional Training

Within the first 2 years of enrollment in their programs, Master’s Plan A and doctoral students will complete (3) additional MSU Graduate School RCR online training modules, to be selected from the following list. Completion of this requirement will be tracked in SABA.

  • CITI Cllaborative Research
  • CITI Cnflicts of Interest
  • CITI Data Management
  • CITI Financial Respnsibility
  • CITI Mentring
  • CITI Peer Review
  • IACUC Tutrial for Animal Care Training (in
  • Human Research Prtection/IRB Certification (in
  • Rigr and Reproducibility Course (still in production)

Discussion-Based Training

In addition to the above initial training, students must complete a minimum of (6) hours of discussion-based training prior to receiving their degrees.  These hours can be completed at any point in their graduate program (Required for all Master’s (plan A and plan B) and doctoral students). Graduate student must notify MMG Graduate Secretary of completion of this requirement. Completion of this requirement will be recorded by the department in GradInfo as “Annual” training.

Discussion-based training can include: