Courses offered by the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics are listed below. For course descriptions and a complete, up-to-date listing of the courses currently offered, please visit the MSU Course Catalog. For graduate seminars, see the section below the course list. For the number of credits you need per semester go to the FAQ page.

MMG 801: Integrative Microbial Biology (Fall)
MMG 803: Topics in Integrative Microbial Biology (Fall & Spring)
MMG 813: Molecular Virology (Spring even years)
MMG 825: Cell Structure and Function (Spring)
MMG 833: Microbial Genetics (Fall)
MMG 835: Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics (Spring)
MMG 851: Immunology (Fall odd years)
MMG 855: Molecular Evolution: Principles and Techniques (Fall odd years)
MMG 861: Advanced Microbial Pathogenesis (Spring even years)
MMG 890: Special Problems in Microbiology (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MMG 892: Seminar (Fall & Spring)
MMG 899: Master's Thesis Research (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MMG 991: Topics in Microbiology (Fall & Spring)
MMG 999: Doctoral Dissertation Research (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Graduate Seminars

MMG Ph.D. students are required to take three seminar courses consisting of special topic classes that include student presentations as a component of the course.